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ClearView Strategic Partners Inc. is a Canadian company focused on compliance, governance and employee engagement solutions. We are experts in ethics reporting/whistleblowing systems and ethics programs.  Our objective is to connect people and organizations – to bring together those who have something to report with those who want, and need, to hear what is reported.

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ClearView specialises in helping our clients build and manage effective ethics reporting programs – it’s our core business. Our suite of services features ClearView Connects™, an ethics reporting and whistleblower solution used to meet ‘whistleblower’ compliance requirements, enhance governance and internal controls, protect against financial and reputational harm and give stakeholders a way to speak up and be heard.

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ClearView posts selected news articles, research publications, and opinion pieces that we believe represent the best writing on some of the most important issues and developments in business ethics today. Topics may include leadership, employee relations, corporate culture, ethics reporting and whistleblowing, fraud prevention, and much more. These publicly available resources are intended for ethics professionals keeping abreast of recent industry developments, for researchers studying ethics, and for those simply interested in learning more about these topics.

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We would love to hear from you. If you are interested in learning more about ClearView Connects™, please contact Phil Enright or Janet Graham. For more information about ClearView’s Advisory Services, please contact Michelle Vincent.

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